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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back and Ready for RAW

I went to the beach for a week with my family and had a great time!
Now that I'm back home I am looking forward to eating as much fruit and veggies as possible and limit my nut intake.
I've never been a big fan of nuts, but since I became vegan over a year ago I was advised to eat nuts since I wasn't a fan of any processed vegan proteins (seitan, tofu, tempeh...) Like I mentioned in my previous post the cashews I've been eating just aren't agreeing with me. I also had thought that the 'raw cashews' were really 'raw', but upon e-mailing the company I found out that what I thought were raw nuts were actually blanched and tunnel-shelled. I have also been getting some breakouts whose cause I am not sure of. Could it be 'detox' symptoms or possibly the nuts? Anyway, as of now I am going to stay away from any 'overt' fats and stick to good ol' sweet fruits and some vegetables. If I find some TRULY raw nuts in the future I may give them a shot, but I'm going to abstain from eating them for the time being.
I've also not been 'eliminating' as well usually...I've read that can be normal initially when starting 80/10/10. It could also be due to not eating 'enough', or not staying sufficiently hydrated. Hope it improves...any tips?

Something I noticed a couple days ago was how much my weight could fluctuate in a day! I was playing the Wii fit the other afternoon at my friends house and my weight was exponentially higher than expected! Though I had just eaten a cantaloupe, was wearing jeans and a sweater...I was still shocked at how much weight I had gained! I did however doubt that it was fat, since I had not noticed any physical changes other than a little 'water' bloat. Anyway the next morning my weight had gone down 7 pounds! Guess that just shows how much weight can fluctuate--and I'm pretty small! Whats the most you've fluctuated in a day on RAW?

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