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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reats (Raw Eats): 8/2

Yesterday was a nice day filled with lots of grocery shopping at various places :)
Here are my raw eats ('reats') for yesterday!
2 Ataulfo mangoes (got a big box at whole foods on sale)
3/4 ripe papaya
1 ginger gold apple
a lot of grapes
some baby carrots
banana raisin 'pudding' (one mashed large ripe banana, couple tablespoons raisins)
1 small fuji apple
1/4 large cucumber
some organic green grapes
2 small farmer's market yellow peaches

Now here comes the downhill for yesterday...
After that my mom was worried that all I was eating was fruit...and it was (almost completely) true. I had bought a "Raw Revolution" bar to try in a new smaller size in the 'banana supergreens' flavor or something like that. So I ate that...not horrible, but not my favorite thing. After a while I became hungry so I decided okay maybe I should have some raw cashews to get a little fat and curb my hunger...bad idea. I ate a few handfuls of raw cashews with raisins and not long afterwards my stomach started to hurt. I felt pain in my stomach and bloating too. Has anyone had this reaction to nuts? I used to eat soaked raw cashews and it was okay but overall nuts sort of weigh me down (though their filling properties are a plus.)
What raw foods (other than bananas) do you eat to stay comfortably satiated and satisfied?


  1. Raw cashews are actually poison to the human body. That may be part of your problem. I usually consume dry roasted, unsalted ones instead. Read this article for more detailed information:

  2. you kidding? I love fruit. My mom loves the way I eat so much fruit, but I also eat dark leafy greens and stuff (and veggies), so I don't think there's a problem.
    I'd try peaches, apples, apricots, plums, and figs. In the afternoons, I love raw protein powder-frozen banana-ice smoothies. They give me so much energy.
    Apples cut up into relatively small pieces, mixed with some ground cinnamon and sugar is delish.